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A Fable About Creativity and Courage

This is the book that started it all! The story of Perry the Peacock and his adventures in the Land of Penguins has reached the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. First published in 1995, and now published in 17 languages around the world, this corporate fable explores what it means to be "different" in a world that values conformity, stability, and tradition. The book includes a quiz to see if you are a Peacock in the Land of Penguins, as well as survival tips and strategies for birds of all types.

"Every once in a while a small book comes along that deals with a profound subject in a very simple, elegant way. A Peacock in the Land of Penguins is such a book."
     Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans and Gung Ho!

"The beauty of metaphor is that it communicates meaning, not just information, which is why I learned so much from this book about diversity, corporate culture, and organizational transformation. I also learned a lot about 'peacocks and penguins' -- lessons I will never forget."
     Warren Bennis, author of Leaders and Organizing Genius


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Gift Book Edition

Hardcover, 125 pages
FREE four-minute DVD movie included

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins brings new insight to an important topic – cultivating new ideas instead of just “business as usual”. BJ Gallagher and Academy Award winning writer Warren H. Schmidt originally teamed up in 1995 to publish the first edition of A Peacock in the Land of Penguins. It became an instant international classic. In this updated, hard-cover 4th edition, the story of Perry the Peacock is transformed into a charming, engaging gift book, complete with a beautifully embossed peacock on the front cover!

Follow Perry as he makes his way from the frustating, constraining Land of Penguins to find his new home in the entrepreneurial, creative Land of Opportunity. This story echoes one that is unfolding each and every day in organizations all across the country – how to build a corporate culture of creativity that captures the talent, energy and commitment of ALL employees.

"If you’re interested in new ideas for making yourself and your organization successful, read this little book."
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager.




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PIGEONHOLED IN THE LAND OF PENGUINS: A Tale of Seeing Beyond Stereotypes

Pigeonholed in the Land of Penguins picks up the story begun in the classic best-seller, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins a number of years later. Perry the Peacock and his friends have long since departed for the Land of Opportunity, but other new birds, including Paula and Pat the Pigeons, have continued to struggle for acknowledgement and success in the Land of Penguins.

The Land of Penguins has a serious challenge to deal with the challenge of change and declining resources. The pigeons think they have found a solution, but getting the attention of senior management is another matter! At the same time, other birds in the Land of Penguins are also struggling to be heard and seen for the talented, multifaceted individuals that they are. They resist being conveniently put into pigeon holes! As their story unfolds, the price of pigeonholing becomes apparent to one and all.

The first part of this book is the parable, a fable about stereotyping. The second part helps us all think about how to deal with the problem of stereotyping in our own lives and in our organizations. Together, these two parts provide both inspiration and practical advice.


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101 Ancient Truths on Change, Stress, Money, and Success

Buddhism has for thousands of years provided a spiritual foundation for the daily lives of millions around the world. But does Buddhism have anything to offer us—Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike—in today’s world of work? Metcalf and Gallagher think it does, and they offer it in this book. Spiritual wisdom, Western or Eastern, inspires and instructs us in living a good life. And that's just as true at work as at home.

Buddha mind – a source of calm, compassion and insight – exists within each of us, not just the historical Buddha. Being Buddha at Work shows how to embody that mind in the stress and clamor of the workplace ­– how to tap into the Buddha consciousness so we can relieve daily tensions and greet challenges with awareness, equanimity and good humor.

The book is divided into three sections. The first, “Becoming a Mindful Worker,” covers Buddha’s wisdom for our own work; the second, “Cultivating Mindful Work Relationships,” focuses on how to work with other people; the third, “Creating a Mindful Workplace,” deals with broader organizational topics. Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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Everywhere we turn, our world is full of NOs. Our efforts to pursue our dreams, initiate new projects, and win approval from others are often met with rejection, rebuffs, and resistance. Wet blankets dampen our enthusiasm. Nay-sayers encourage us to "quit rocking the boat." What should you do when you're excited about an idea but meet with nothing but negativity?? How can you get others to say YES when it seems easier for them to say NO?

This wise, insightful parable follows our hero who ventures into the Land of NO in search of YES. He watches positive characters flounder and fail - characters like Wynot Now, Seymour Sales, Ima Newheer, and N. Thusiasm. They are full of energy, enthusiasm and good ideas but fail because they do not effectively deal with the obstacles they face...becoming discouraged and disillusioned by their encounters with such sorrowful souls as Hugh Kant, Don Rock de'Boat, Noway Jose, Nomo Money, and May B. Later. By watching these interactions, our hero learns how to persevere despite myriad NOs...ultimately succeeding in finding the YES he seeks.

The second half of the book takes you from parable to practice-with proven tips, tools, and strategies to help you persevere, develop tenacity, persist in the face of rejection, and overcome the inertia of the status quo. Together, the two parts of this book provide a complete package for those seeking to become effective at finding more YESes in their personal and professional lives.


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WHO ARE "THEY" ANYWAY? A Tale of Achieving Success at Work Through Personal Accountability

Both practical and inspirational, Who Are "They" Anyway? is written to appeal to both the heads and hearts of employees at all levels -- from folks on the front line, to supervisors and middle managers, all the way to top executives. Part I of the book is an intriguing parable of discovery, as the hero goes in seach of someone who can fix what's wrong, deal with difficult people, and take charge of fixing individual and organizational problems. Part II of the book includes tips, strategies, quizzes, and how-tos to help you apply the story to your own work life. We guarantee you'll be delighted with this newest book from BJ Gallagher.


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WORKING TOGETHER: Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity

This is a wonderful diversity anthology, edited by Angeles Arrien, with contributions by a wide range of authors, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Norman Lear, John O'Neil, Riane Eisler, as well as BJ Hateley and Warren Schmidt, and others. The Hateley/Schmidt chapter, entitled "Ruffled Feathers in the Land of Penguins" is the story of a group of VIP's (Very Important Penguins) who participate in an executive retreat designed to help them discover how to best handle the wide range of diversity among the various birds working in the Land of Penguins. Designed to help readers understand different perspective on the "diversity dilemma," this charming parable represents the authors' third story in their "Penguin Trilogy."

"The marvelous anthology before you literally swells with insight and wisdom as some of today's top minds come together in the common cause of unity and hope -- that a world so diverse can learn to truly value and embrace its differences."
     Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


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