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A Peacock in the Land of Penguins (11 minutes)

This best-selling animated video has been a consistent hit with organizations of all types and sizes. It has achieved the status of "classic" and is used in seminars, conferences, team meetings, and training sessions. The story deals not only with diversity, but also with change, innovation, teamwork, openness to new ideas, organizational flexibility and creativity.


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(4 minutes)

Did you know that there is more diversity among dogs than among any other animal species on earth?

There are many reasons that dogs are considered “man's best friend.” Like humans, dogs are highly social, naturally hierarchical and status conscious, very communicative, and loyal and protective of their loved ones. Dogs embody some of the best characteristics of humans - intelligence, adventurousness, teamwork, leadership, loyalty, heart, and courage.

“Differences” is a short training video project designed to help humans explore and discuss their own differences through the “voices” of dogs. Key learning points are:

  • Courage is more important than Color;
  • Heart is more significant
    than Hair;
  • Love is spoken in all Languages; and
  • Character is formed
    in all Cultures.

The video begins by exploring all our differences ... and ends by discovering how much more we have in common!

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Pigeon-Holed in the Land of Penguins (11 minutes)

This charming animated video is the perfect addition to any diversity consultant's toolkit, or training department's video library. Like the book by the same title, the video deals with the problem of stereotyping in organizations, and explores diversity and teamwork, diversity and creativity, and the importance of seeing beyond stereotypes to maximize the opportunity for everyone to contribute to their organization's success. Video comes complete with Leader's Guide, which includes training designs, exercises and handouts, and a bibliography.


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